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Some testimonials...

“Craig is talented, professional, personable, honest and with total integrity...I would employ him in an instant.”

– Judy Micallef, Business Development Manager, Members Equity Bank

“Craig is a valued colleague; his support, wisdom and experience were valuable additions to strategic decision making and planning, and his willingness to go the extra mile when times were tough made  him a valued member of the Board team.” – Cheryl Hill, President, Conservation Council of SA

“Craig very quickly identified some areas for improvement, and worked with me to rapidly affect some changes in our business. His input and willingness to contribute to our marketing objectives is delivering results, and we're not even through the first month!!”  – Daniel Fitzgerald, CEO, DNA Evolution

“Craig provided energy and sound advice in the development of the Green Hubs program. His lateral thinking and understanding of the market we were serving was of great value to the program.” – Dominic Nicholls, Green Hubs Coordinator, Conservation Council of South Australia

“Craig worked with me on the management committee of the SA Enterprise Workshop. He was an excellent contributor, always completed tasks he had committed to, and offered some excellent insights in marketing and sales development. A good thinker, I would recommend Craig without hesitation.” – Carol Haslam, Director, Nandina Services Pty Ltd

“Craig has the dedication and persistence to see concepts through to fruition, delivering strong results tailored to the needs of his clients. An avid networker, Craig brings people together to share knowledge and form strategic partnerships.” – Samantha Badcock, Director, Hunter Careers

"I found Craig to be open (and) willing to share his knowledge… he gave me some great tips on building relationships in the corporate sector. Craig's professional style and enthusiastic nature is infectious." - Nicole Underwood, General Manager, Entree' Recruitment

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